Get to know Citrus Juicer

What is a Citrus Juicer?

What is a Citrus Juicer?

A citrus juicer is a juicer which has been planned particularly for the extraction of juice and mash from citrus fruits. Oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit, and tangerines are most of the fruits which offer a high juice yield and aren’t difficult to juice. However, it’s truly hard on the old wrists and hands if you’re squeezing physically. 

Most citrus-just blenders have an adjusted, furrowed arch which fits into a cup-like part, sticking the split citrus in the middle of compelling the mash and juice out. Many will have an engine which twists the furrowed arch, drawing and squashing the juice out of the organic product. There will probably be a filter to get the mash, giving the juice a chance to fall into the vessel holding up underneath. 

Types of Citrus Juicers 

You’ll discover two principal kinds of citrus juicers available in the market: electric citrus juicers and manual citrus juicers. Every assortment accompanies its very own advantages and disadvantages. 


Electric Citrus Juicers 

Electric citrus juicers have a turning reamer that rapidly removes fluid from your fruits. 



  • Electric citrus juicers produce juice rapidly and with almost no exertion. 
  • The vast majority discover electric juicers easy to utilize and more helpful than their handheld partners. 



  • You now and then get some harsh strip oil in your juice when you utilize an electric juicer, so the subsequent juice may not be as sweet as that made with a manual juicer. 
  • Some electric citrus juicers can be loud or uproarious. 


Manual Citrus Juicers 

Manual citrus juicers incorporate fundamental handheld presses or reamers, just as business grade manual citrus presses. 


  • You generally get progressively delightful juice from a manual citrus juicer, since it shouldn’t contain any harsh tasting strip oil. 
  • Fundamental manual citrus juicers are extremely cheap. 



  • Utilizing a fundamental manual citrus juicer is moderate and relentless. 
  • Business manual citrus presses are moderately costly. 


Other Types of Citrus Juicer 

Aside from the division of manual and electric juicers, citrus juicers can be classified into some different kinds depending on their functionalities. 


Pulp Control Type 

As the name proposes, a mash control type citrus juicer will enable you to have a decision on the measure of mash that goes into your juice. 

Spin Function Type 

The turn capacity type citrus juicers work firmly like a centrifugal juicer and concentrate the most out of the mash provided to the juicer. It also happens to be the costliest one among the sorts. 

Reverse Reamer Type 

An invert or reverse reamer type is utilized in a citrus juicer to separate the most out of the fruits provided. It also abandons the leftover mash, which is also wealthy in fiber content. 

Why Purchase a Citrus Juicer? 

Here’s a bunch of reasons why you should buy a citrus juicer. Such as…

  • Citrus juices are beneficial for you which contains a lot of vitamins, minerals and strikingly abnormal amounts of vitamin C and calcium. 
  • Naturally crushed citrus juices hold a lot a bigger number of nutrients than locally acquired variants and they simply taste better, as well.
  • If you already extract juices by hand, a citrus juicer will spare you a great deal of time and exertion.