An Invisible Safety For Your Pets- Wireless Dog Fence

wireless dog fence

Dogs are loyal and when trained do not move without the permission of its owner. Dog dashing can be restrained to a certain extent but cannot be curbed altogether; after all, they are dogs and love running out. Defining boundaries for the dogs is something that can be established, Surprised! Pet fence or fenceless boundary is the answer to your pet troubles.

What is this technology?

It is an electronic device which delivers a mild electric shock to the pet when it crosses the specified boundary. The pet wears the device on its collar and a warning sound is emitted at first and later a mild shock from the collar. It primarily contains a transmitter and a receiver. There is a wire buried inside the ground is one variant and there are variants wherein there is no physical fence but boundaries virtually laid down. GPS signals determine the proximity, so no more locking the gates and entrances with this portable device in your vicinity.

Benefits of wireless dog fence

wireless dog fence

Maybe due to strictness in the neighborhood or safety of the pet; but whatsoever the reason is, no one wants to take care of wooden or metal fence as it requires maintenance and space. Let us list a few advantages of having an invisible fence for the dog.

  • For the dog:- This fence does not give any physical boundary to the pet and as such it is free to roam in the specified area and not get hurt, as happens with metal or wooden fence. Freedom and safety are taken care of the dog. There is definite protection for the pet from traffic, other dogs, strangers or other perils outside the boundary. For the dog lovers who get concerned regarding the amount of shock; let us clear that it is no way traumatic or painful for the dog. It is just a way to warn the pet without hurting them. The most that these collars can affect is causing skin irritation if not taken proper care. Apart from being safe, it helps the dog to get trained to not rush in outside surroundings.
  • For the dog owner: – There are multiple benefits for the pet owner;
  1. No upkeep of any physical fence
  2. Cheaper than constructing a regular fence
  3. No change in the landscaping
  4. Quite easy to install and use
  5. Multiple dogs can be added with the same effectiveness
  6. Portable and very durable
  7. Unlike traditional fences, the maintenance cost is less
  8. Wireless dog fence comes with warranty and meets international standards in the level of shock and extent of the area

No matter how uncontrollable your dog is, this electronic system is a great option. In many neighborhoods and localities, there are fencing prohibitions and as such this method will assist them in keeping the pet safe. When researching for wireless dog fence there are big brands providing excellent products but reading and comparing the reviews is recommended. So set up one and worry less.