Hi there!  That’s me, Dawn, in the middle of my handsome husband and beautiful daughters.  I’m the creator of Dawn Dishes It Out and they are my biggest fans.  I’m not gonna lie, I have this overwhelming, unattainable need to be super wife and mom.  Maybe you can relate?  Driven by my desire to feed my family the very best, I attended nutrition school in 2008 and became a certified health coach.  I launched this blog upon graduating as a way to share my healthy recipes with friends and clients but it has evolved into so much more.  Home-cooked meals, refinishing furniture, family time, the beach, and road trips all feed my soul.  If you are like me, then I want this to be a place you can come for inspiration, encouragement, and recommendations for living a healthy, balanced, and creative life!

I was born and raised on Long Island, NY and I like to pretend I don’t have an accent but my kids will tell you it comes out when I get mad.  I met my husband in 2002 on a blind date and we inseparable from the start.  We are pretty much perfect for each other, no joke.  I’m not sure anyone else in this world could spend as much time together as we do and stay married.  After 15 years together, there is still no one I’d rather spend my day with or talk to.

Practical jokes are a part of our everyday life together.  You never know when you might get a bucket of ice cold water over your head while in the shower or when you could be dodging water balloons being launched from the roof.  We love to have fun and laugh together.