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April 29, 2017

3 ways this book changed my life

There have been many self-help-style books that have passed through these hands without having an effect on me.  I read the advice, try to implement, and fail miserably.  Something about The Fringe Hours really resonated with me.  Possibly because the author focused on small increments of time creating big change in our lives.  Squeezing in a chapter or two while I wait on the parent pick-up line at school for fifteen minutes is easier to swallow than attempting read a book in one single weekend.  Painting single coats of paint on a shelf I’m refinishing over the course of a week (or two), is way more attainable than dedicating several hours in one day to finish it.  If you are a woman that finds it difficult to squeeze everything you love into 24 hours then I highly recommend this book.  It has changed the way I attack every day in the following ways:

 Making time for exercise:  For many, many years (like 9 too many), I felt guilty taking even just a half hour for myself to exercise.  I viewed it as time away from my priorities until my health became a priority I could no longer ignore.  I’d like to say that getting sick was a wake up call and the catalyst to get in shape again but it wasn’t. Jessica N. Turner so eloquently writes in this book, “The reason so many women today struggle to make themselves a priority is because they are trying to be everything for everyone.”  During this read I decided if I wasn’t going to put me first, no one else would.  I’m not going to lie and say that it isn’t still a struggle for me, but I do try to make myself more of a priority now.


Requiring my kids to help:  this may seem like a no-brainer to some of you that have already enlisted your children in completing daily chores.  However, for someone like me, this was huge.  You see, I had this ridiculous notion that being a stay-at-home mom meant every single inch of the house was my responsibility.  I have a very unrealistic idea of what a moms role exactly is.  When I was little, my mom’s house was impeccable, spotless, and without clutter. Our clothes were laundered and ironed and hung in our closets. All rooms looked like they were straight out of a magazine and there definitely weren’t any dirty dishes in the kitchen sink!  Buuut, there’s a very big but!  My mom was not a mom like me.  She didn’t volunteer in the classroom, or with the drama club, or coach the odyssey of the mind team, or drive me to and from school, or make me breakfast every morning. I don’t say this to shame her parenting style but to remind myself how differently we spent our time.  We chose for our children to have different childhoods.  I am happy to report that after reading The Fringe Hours, my girls now several chores that they are responsible for completing daily.  It has not only freed up sometime for me but has relieved me of some stress.


Using my creativity:  This book helped me blog again!  I had given up, no joke.  My blog had been sitting there in the world-wide web wasteland until I read this book and realized I missed it.  Once I admitted to myself I missed blogging, the flood gates of creativity burst open!  That week I relaunched my blog, finished painting an antique door, organized my office, emptied unpacked moving boxes, and decluttered rooms by donating stuff we weren’t using.  Working through the mental block I was having released a physical block I didn’t even know I had!

7 reasons you NEED an Ikea Norsborg couch


This is not an affiliate post. This post reflects the opinion of the blogger. (photo credit: Ikea.com)

We recently moved (again!) and after taking a good look at our sectional in the new house under different lighting and against a different wall color, I came to the conclusion we needed new ones.  I know, #firstworldproblems.  So, I did what any other thrifty woman would do.  I sold our current couch on Craigslist.  It sold much quicker than I had anticipated (one day), which left my family a little unhappy with me and all of us sitting on outdoor chairs to watch TV.

I began my search for a replacement sectional in our location furniture stores.  I was pretty disappointed with what our budget of under $2000 could buy.  Nothing compared to our old sectional.  Either they weren’t very comfortable, or were half the size and I was not willing to compromise.  I took to the internet to see what I could find and read tons of posts and pins about Ikea couches.  I was shocked.  They received really great reviews!  So, my husband and I made the 2 hour trip up to Tampa to give them a look in person.  We spent hours in the store sitting on each and every couch.  We checked for depth, height, durability, amount of configurations that can be completed, fabric choices, and comfort.  We fell in love with the Norsborg.  Here are 7 reasons why:



1) 10 year warranty:  Yup, you read that right!  And, trust me, I asked exactly what that covered.  It covers the frame, springs, legs, and even the cushions!  Yes, if the cushions begin to sag, they will replace them!  The only items not included are the slipcovers.

2) 365 day return policy, no questions asked:  What?  Who offers this?  Ikea, that’s who!  I called Tampa to confirm and you don’t even need to disassemble the product.  Just bring it in with the original receipt and credit/debit card you paid with and BAM!  Refund, no questions asked!  Tip:  Make a photo copy of your original receipt as soon as you get home.  Over time the original fades and if the barcode is illegible, you are out of luck!

3) Easy to launder:  Each piece of this couch is slipcovered.  So, if you have a spill, or they just need to be run through the washing machine after a while, just unzip and go.  My only suggestion is to lay flat to dry and not run through the dryer.

4) Durability:  This couch has been put to the test!  As per the Ikea website: “At IKEA we test all our sofas and armchairs to be sure they’re durable. We’re especially tough on the ones that have long limited warranty. For example, we push 220 lb weights onto the seat 50,000 times – and 66 lb weights onto the back just as many times. We do all this to be sure the frames retain their stability and the cushions their resilience and comfort. The limited warranty we give is proof that our sofas and armchairs can take being used often and for a long time – and an assurance for you as a customer.”

5) Like having a custom couch with slipcover and configuration options:  Because of the selection of fabrics and configurations you can customize the couch to suit your likes and wants.  Need an extra-large sectional?  No problem!  Add extra pieces.  Want a stand alone chaise?  Sure, just add arms!  Tired of blue slipcovers after a year but still love the couch?  Buy new covers in a different fabric.

6)  Pockets in the armrests:  This may sound trivial to most, but having side pockets in this couch to store our remote controls has saved us time trying to figure out where the last person threw them!

7)  Comfort:  The comfort level in this couch is drool worthy.  I mean like don’t hang out here too long when your tired because you’ll be drooling before you know it!  My family loves to snuggle up under our favorite blanket and watch movies together but before you know it, one of us usually passes out!